Lawn Fertilization Service in Fort Worth, Burleson, Crowley, TX & Nearby Areas

Our lawn fertilization program also includes weed control treatments!

If you want a healthy, green lawn year-round, you've come to the right place! At Integra Pest & Lawn, we'll supply your turf with all the nutrients it needs to thrive with our lawn fertilization service. Our 8-step program includes regular fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year, and we use a granular, organic-based fertilizer to yield the best results for your lawn. But wait, there's more! You can choose between four different fertilizer and weed control packages based on your individual needs: bronze, silver, platinum, and gold. All of our treatments are pet-safe once dry, so your furry friends won't have to wait long before they can go on the lawn after we've applied our treatments.

We offer our lawn fertilization service to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Fort Worth, TX, including Burleson and Crowley.

Our Lawn Fertilization Schedule

Professional applying fertilizer with a spreader in Fort Worth, TX.

We strive to give your lawn everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful all year, and we've designed our 8-step lawn fertilization program to do just that. Not only does it include routine fertilization treatments, but weed control treatments too! Our lawn fertilization and weed control schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: We'll apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent and tackle broadleaf and grassy weeds in January-February.
  • Round 2: We'll apply another round of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control in February-March.
  • Round 3: We'll administer your turf's first fertilization treatment in April-May. We'll also spot-treat any broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Round 4: We'll fertilize your lawn again and apply post-emergent weed control in May-June.
  • Round 5: We'll apply another round of fertilization and post-emergent weed control treatments in July-August.
  • Round 6: We'll apply another round of fertilization in August-September. We'll also spot-treat any weeds on your lawn.
  • Round 7: We'll treat your lawn with pre-emergent weed control to get ahead of winter weeds in October-November. We'll also apply another round of post-emergent treatments to eliminate weeds that have already surfaced.
  • Round 8: We'll spot-treat any weeds on your lawn and apply a granular, potassium-rich soil enrichment treatment in November-December. Potassium will strengthen your lawn to be more resilient against stressors like lawn diseases and insects.

Our weed control treatments target common weeds like nutsedge, crabgrass, henbit, and poa annua.

Choose between our four fertilization and weed control packages.

We understand that everybody's needs and budgets are different. That is why we offer four different fertilization and weed control packages to choose from so that you only pay for what you need! Our package choices are bronze, silver, platinum, and gold. Please note that all packages are good for up to 5,000 sq ft of turf.

  • Bronze: You'll receive our 8-step fertilization and weed control program along with an aeration service in the spring.
  • Silver: Our silver package includes everything from the bronze package plus 6 rounds of above-ground insect control.
  • Platinum: You will get everything in our silver package plus 2 soil enrichment treatments, 2 preventative fungicide treatments, 1 grub control treatment, and aeration in the fall.
  • Gold: Our gold package includes everything from our platinum package plus 2 extra soil enrichment treatments and an annual fire ant control service.

We use granular, organic-based fertilizer.

At Integra Pest & Lawn, we only use granular fertilizers for our fertilization treatments. We use granular fertilizers because they will supply your lawn with nutrients over an extended period of time rather than all at once. This is beneficial because your lawn will always have the nutrients that it needs, and you won't have to worry about supplying too much to them at one time, which can actually be detrimental to your lawn. What's more, we use an organic-based fertilizer to ensure your lawn yields the best results without synthetic chemicals!

Our Fertilization Treatments Are Pet-Safe Once They're Dry

Homeowner's dog waiting by the door for fertilized lawn to be dried in Fort Worth, TX.

Your pets' safety is important to us, and our experts will always advise you to wait until our fertilization treatments are dry before letting your furry friends back onto your lawn. Because we use granular fertilizer, it needs to be watered into the soil afterward. However, once the treatments are dry, your pets are safe to use the lawn again as normal!

Ready to achieve your dream lawn? Schedule our lawn fertilization service today!

At Integra Pest & Lawn, we can turn your dream lawn into reality with our lawn fertilization service! Our 8-step program includes routine fertilization and weed control treatments to keep your turf healthy and beautiful year-round. We'll ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to grow lush green grass, develop strong root systems, and stay resilient against stressors. You can trust that your lawn is in good hands with us!

We offer our lawn fertilization service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Fort Worth, Burleson, Crowley, and other nearby areas in Texas. Call us at (817) 661-0048 to schedule our service today and achieve your dream lawn!

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