Identifying & Controlling Wolf Spiders in North Texas

Wolf spiders are agile hunters that are commonly found in North Texas. With their brown bodies marked with a pattern of stripes or spots and keen sets of eyes, these arachnids are impressive predators with fantastic hunting abilities. They have wolflike habits and quick reflexes that allow them to chase down their prey before immobilizing them with their venom. As solitary and nocturnal arachnids, wolf spiders usually hide during the day and are often found in grassy areas and leaf piles. If you find that wolf spiders have found their way into your indoor space, you can reach out to pest control professionals to deal with them for you.

What are wolf spiders?

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The wolf spider from the Lycosidae family is a fascinating arachnid known for its remarkable hunting abilities. It is a common sight in North Texas and is easily recognizable with its brown or grayish-brown body with a pattern of stripes or spots. This unique pattern and coloring on the body of wolf spiders help camouflage them, allowing them to pounce on their prey and protect themselves from predators. Their bodies, which can range from about half a centimeter to more than 3 centimeters, are hairy. On their head, you'll find the distinct eye arrangement they are famous for. Their eyes are arranged in three rows, with four small eyes on the lowest row, followed by their two very large eyes in the middle, and two more medium-sized eyes in the top row.

With its keen eyesight and quick reflexes, the wolf spider is an agile and fierce predator. It got its name from its wolflike habit of chasing down prey like crickets and cockroaches and pouncing on them like wolves before immobilizing them with its venom.

Wolf spiders contribute to maintaining the natural balance of insect populations in the ecosystem.

Where can you usually find wolf spiders?

Wolf spiders prefer a solitary lifestyle. They are nocturnal arachnids that usually hide during the day and emerge at night to hunt for food. Some of the common places where they can be found include grass and leaf piles, under rocks, and even inside basements. Wolf spiders prefer areas with moisture, which is why they can also be found along the edges of streams and some even use their long legs to dig burrows under logs.

How can you protect yourself from wolf spiders?

Wolf spiders can easily get into your indoor space through cracks and gaps in the windows and doors. While they are not considered harmful to humans, they can invade your indoor space, and they can bite humans if they feel threatened. If you're seeing wolf spiders inside of your property, you can seek professional help and hire a pest control company that can provide effective spider control solutions.

Pest control experts can visit your property multiple times to administer reliable treatments known to work against spiders. With their expertise, they'll know which areas to focus on to ensure wolf spiders stay out of your home or business.

Call us today to schedule our spider control service!

If you want to minimize the number of wolf spiders on your property, you've come to the right place. We can relocate or eliminate wolf spiders on your property, and we can create an environment that is not attractive to them, so they won't want to return. We offer this service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Fort Worth, Burleson, Crowley, and nearby areas in North Texas. When it comes to effective pest control solutions, we're the best team for the job. Call us today at (817) 310-9106 to sign up for our spider control service.

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