How To Deal With Fire Ants That Have Set up Camp on Your Lawn

Fire ants can be a real problem for property owners in Texas. If you see them or their mounds on your lawn, you might be tempted to deal with them yourself, but don't! The best way to deal with the fire ants that set up camp on your lawn is to hire professionals to get rid of them. They'll have the skills, expertise, and reliable treatments to effectively eliminate the infestation. However, you still need to vet the company you'll be working with and ask them about their fire ant control treatments to ensure you get the best results! If you have fire ants on your lawn this year, they'll likely come back again next year. Fortunately, you can sign up for preventative treatments to keep them from becoming a problem again.

Hire professionals to get rid of the fire ants on your property.

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Fire ants are aggressive pests whose bites and stings are painful and itchy. When you see them on your property, the best way to deal with them is to hire professionals to tackle the infestation. Never try DIY fire ant control because it can be dangerous. While you may think that the mounds on your lawn are all you have to deal with, you're not seeing the numerous underground tunnels that house thousands of fire ants.

Professionals will use treatments that are proven to work against fire ants. They'll also take the danger out of dealing with them yourself because they have the skills and expertise to safely and effectively get rid of the infestation on your property.

When left to their own devices, the average fire ant colony can contain 100,000 to 500,000 fire ants.

Vet The Company You Hire by Asking Them About Their Fire Ant Control Treatments

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Before you fully commit to a professional pest control company for fire ant control treatments, don't forget to vet them first. You'll want to check if their treatments against fire ants will give you the results you want. Here are some questions you can ask them about their fire ant control service:

  • How long do their treatments last? Fire ants start to become active during spring and can wreak havoc on your lawn until fall. You'll want to check if the company's fire ant control treatments will provide long-lasting protection from these destructive pests.
  • Are their products pet-safe? If you have pets on your property, you'll want to be sure that the products the company will use are safe for your furry friends. Make sure to communicate with your pest control team that you have pets and that their safety is a priority for you.

Consider signing up for preventative fire ant control treatments next year.

If you've dealt with fire ants this year, it's highly likely that you'll see them again next year. Fortunately, you can prevent fire ants from ever becoming a problem again on your lawn by signing up for preventative fire ant control treatments. Preventative treatments against fire ants are typically applied in February/March before these creepy crawlers become most active from April to June. They also usually last for up to a year, which means you don't have to worry about fire ants taking over your lawn, and you can enjoy the time you spend outdoors without worrying about stepping on a mound!

Call us today to sign up for our fire ant control service.

Are there fire ant mounds on your lawn that you want to get rid of? If so, let our team handle them! Our crew at Integra Pest & Lawn offers a professional fire ant control service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Fort Worth, Burleson, Crowley, TX, and nearby areas. When you sign up for this service, we will visit your property in February/March to apply our treatment and protect you from these pests for an entire year. What's more, our treatments are pet-safe! Call us today at (817) 310-9106 to sign up!

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