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Lawn Pest Control In Fort Worth, TX

The state of Texas is home to a wide variety of pests that can do damage to both the appearance and health of your yard or property.  While your lawn or garden may benefit from certain insects or mammals, there are quite a few that cause destruction or can attract larger animals into your yard.  We can help determine what pest problem you are dealing with, and provide the proper pest control protocol.

 Some insects and mammals that can cause turf or plant damage:

  • Grubs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Aphids
  • Mites

What Are Signs of Pests In Your Yard?

There are different ways to determine if you have pest problems in your yard or property.  If you notice certain plants looking sickly or patches of discolored or dying grass, you may have a pest issue.

Yellow Or Brown Patches On Your Plants or Grass

Bugs, such as Aphids and Chinch Bugs eat certain parts of a plant’s leaves or stems, which weakens the plant and removes its nutrients.  This eventually will cause your plants or grass to appear sickly, discolored, or wilted.  There may be yellow or brown patches in your grass or a plant’s leaves will appear curled and yellowed.  Grubs will feed on the grassroots, which will eventually kill large areas of your lawn.  Aphids, grubs, mites, and Chinch Bugs are prevalent in the Fort Worth, Crowley, & Arlington areas.  If you see discoloration in your grass or plants, give Integra Lawns a call!  We’ll provide a free consultation for your lawn pest control needs. 

Why Is It Important To Treat For Pests?

Treating for pests is important to the appearance and health of your yard and also for safety purposes.  Plants and grasses can become unsightly and potentially die if insects, like mites, go untreated.  You want to enjoy looking out into your yard, garden, or business property front, so it’s important to ensure your plants and grass look the best possible!  Keep your lawn beautiful and safe by hiring a professional to do your pest control and pest prevention.

If You Suspect Pests In Your Yard, Call Integra Lawns Today!

If you own a home or business in Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding area and you suspect you have a lawn pest problem, call our team of experts today at (817)-310-9106.  We’re proud to serve our community, and we look forward to identifying and treating whatever lawn pest problems you may have!  We understand that the outdoor aesthetic of your house or business is as important as your interior!

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