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Trusted Lawn Service & Landscape Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX

Our team members at Integra Lawns provide comprehensive lawn service and landscape maintenance solutions throughout the Fort Worth area. For over 3 decades, our specialists have worked hard to build a reputation as a trusted provider of quality yard maintenance. Regular Landscaping and lawn maintenance is time consuming, physically demanding, and requires special equipment.  Hiring a team of lawn care professionals ensures that your yard is always healthy and looking its best.  We offer comprehensive maintenance services, and a variety of schedule options for each client’s needs

Some of our main lawn service and landscape maintenance services include:


Mowing your lawn drastically improves the appearance of your yard.  If you do not have organized  landscaping, a well manicured lawn can really enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.  It’s also important to keep your lawn mowed to help prevent potential pest infestations.  Don’t spend your whole Saturday moving your lawn, call us today to get the job done correctly and quickly!  

Leaf Cleanup

The trees seem to lose their leaves all at once in the fall, making the cleanup overwhelming and backbreaking.  Having a team with the right equipment for the job makes leaf cleanup swift and thorough.  Again, leaving dead leaves or debris in your yard welcomes different types of pests and fungal infestations that can be very challenging to combat after the fact.  

 Flower Bed Maintenance

Planting a flower bed greatly enhances your yard and could potentially increase your property value.  However, flower beds require routine care to keep the flowers alive and looking their prettiest.  We’ll schedule regular visits where we’ll pull the weeds, check the soil, and make sure the bed is properly mulched.  This will help them remain vibrant and hopefully bloom longer. 

Flower Change-Outs

Many species of flowering plants are seasonal, which means it’s important to clear out your beds at least bi-annually to make sure your yard is colorful all year round.  We’ll schedule a consultation to view your flower bed, remove any dead or dying flowers, then completely replant the bed making sure it is full and beautiful again before leaving. 

Shrub Trimming

Trimming the shrubs in your yard is what really ties your landscaping together making it look perfectly manicured.  Not only do trimmed shrubs improve the aesthetics, it is also vital to your shrub’s health and longevity.  It is important to trim shrubs throughout the year to promote new branch growth, and to help prevent fungal and pest infestations

Landscape Cleanup and Lawn Care in Crowley TX & Surrounding Areas

Contact Integra Lawn today to schedule an on-site analysis of your property!  We’ll develop a landscaping plan specifically catered to your lawn’s needs.. Our team members have the experience and resources needed to tackle any job.  We’ve proudly served customers in the Fort Worth area for many years, and we look forward to seeing how we can help you with your landscape clean up and maintenance needs!

We are a local family operated business providing landscape maintenance . Our number one goal is to provide complete satisfaction from Fertilization, weed-control, mowing, Christmas Decorating, mulch, flower bed cleanup shrub trimming and more.

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