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Chances are you’ve put a lot of time, money, and thought into your yard.  It’s a place for your family and friends to gather, play, or catch up.  The appearance of your lawn also impacts your property value, which makes it in your best interest to have a well-manicured lawn.  It’s also more enjoyable to sit outside in a lush, green area as opposed to patchy grass and browning plants.  If you find yourself seeing brown, patchy grass or yellowing leaves, it’s possible that they may be suffering from a variety of different lawn diseases. 

What Are Some Common Fungal Lawn Diseases?

There are many different lawn diseases that can affect your lawn in the Fort Worth area.  

The warmer weather provides a good environment for different types of fungi to develop which leads to a variety of different diseases that can plague your grass. 

The three main lawn fungal diseases we see in Texas are:

  • Take-All Root Rot (TARR)-affects primarily Bermuda and St. Augustine grass
  • Brown Patch-affects all types of grasses
  • Large Patch-affects only warm season grasses

Your lawn’s appearance is a great way to help determine which disease is affecting your lawn and how best to combat it. Integra Lawns is experienced in diagnosing lawn disease, and providing the best course of action for your lawn’s health.  We have a commercial-strength fungicide to address your lawn’s specific needs.

What Are Some Signs Your Grass Needs Disease Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of your lawn is a great indicator of its health and if there is fungi present. Large Patch disease affects warm season grasses, like Bermuda, and will cause large patches of brown grass or thinning patches.  The fungus that causes Large Patch disease develops during cooler weather, and you’re more likely to see the physical effects in the early spring.  

If you have small, dried up, brown patches of grass in your lawn, it’s possible Brown Patch disease may be present.  Brown Patch affects all turf types, which is one reason why it’s one of the more prevalent grass diseases we see.  This disease is possible all year round and spreads rapidly, so it’s critical to apply fungicide treatments as soon as you begin to see any irregular small patches of brown grass. 

 If patches of your lawn yellow or brown and do not revive in the spring months, it’s possible you may have Take-All Root Rot (TARR).  TARR’s effects mimic Large Patch disease, however the damage is done at the roots meaning that the grass typically does not get better in the spring or summer seasons.  This is one of the more common funguses that plague lawns in Texas.  Call us today to help prevent and treat your lawn’s fungal diseases.

Call Us Today if you Suspect your Bermuda Grass has a Fungus!

 If you suspect that your lawn may have a fungus or disease, reach out to us as soon as possible!  Integra Lawns is here to mitigate lawn diseases with our commercial prescription strength fungicide treatments as well as our topdressing service where we utilize our custom blend of compost which improves the soil’s flora and helps the lawn naturally heal itself.  We’ve been a 5-star rated lawn care company in Crowley, TX for many years and it’s our professionalism and attention to detail that’s earned us consistent positive results!  Call us today at (817)-310-9106 to get your free quote today!


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