Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Crowley, TX

If you have a yard or property in Crowley, Fort Worth, or the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve seen a fire ant mound.  You’ve also most likely disturbed one of their mounds at some point, and experienced their painful sting.  You’ve worked hard to have a wonderful lawn, and it can be hard to fully enjoy it if you have to constantly avoid large ant mounds or, even worse, encounter hidden ones! Fire ants are not only destructive to you and your family, but they’re an invasive species that can affect the health and look of your lawn or property. They can affect the soil’s nutrients which directly impacts your grass or turf. These pests are incredibly challenging to control on your own, and it often takes a professional to do routine treatments to prevent large colonies from forming. 

Some signs you have a fire ant infestation or problem:

  • You have conical mounds in your yard with not visible entrance
  • You see ants of different sizes in one colony.  
  • You get stung and later have swollen liquid-filled sores

How Often Should I Treat For Fire Ants?

Fire ants are quick to colonize, and are especially likely to build their mounds right after a heavy rain.  If you see signs of fire ants, it’s critical to begin treating them as soon as possible.  The best time of year to treat for fire ants is in the Fall and then to treat them at least every six months. Applying ant bait or pesticides only once may treat the ants currently infesting your yard, but it will not protect it from potential future ant colony problems.  Fire ants prefer warmer weather so it’s important to treat in the Spring as well to get a jump start on pest protection.  Our team will assess your yard or property and see what the best times and the most effective treatment options are. 

Why Is It Important To Have Continuous Fire Ant Maintenance?

It’s ideal to do preventative treatment for fire ants if possible, and then continually treat year round.  This will keep the fire ants from building mounds after rains or from seeking your home during periods of drought.  Fire ants will migrate from neighboring lawns or areas, so there is always a potential for new colonies to develop if you do not treat regularly.  Our team of specialists at Integra Lawns have the experience necessary to treat and prevent fire ant and other lawn pest infestation to keep your family, pets, and home protected.

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If you suspect you have fire ants or want to take preventative measures, contact us at Integra Lawns!  We will treat for ants, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, and more. We’ve been providing 5-star lawn care service to Crowley, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surround areas in Texas for decades.  Call our team at (817)-310-9206 to get rid of the fire ants in your yard today!

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