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Your lawn’s soil health directly affects the health and look of the grass in your yard.  If the soil’s PH is too basic or acidic, the grass’ roots will not get the proper nutrients needed to thrive.  Knowing your soil’s PH and what type of fertilizer your grass needs can be complicated.  You can easily over-fertilize or under-fertilize your lawn, which could negatively affect the grass’ health and appearance.  Leave it up to our expert technicians at Integra Lawns to test your soil and assess your grass health to determine the right type of fertilization service. 

What Are The Different Types Of Fertilization Treatments?

Different types of grasses require different soil PH levels.  Soils with lower PH levels typically are more acidic than soils with higher PH levels.  When soil contains more hydrogen ions than other more basic elements such as magnesium or potassium, it will have a lower PH level and could be too acidic for certain plant or grass varieties to thrive.  Adding nitrogen to the soil will increase your soil’s PH and make it more alkaline.

Our team at Integra Lawns has worked with all varieties of turf in the Forth Worth and Crowley areas, so we know what the grasses of the area need in order to be their healthiest.  There are a variety of different fertilization treatments that can be used to maximize your soil’s PH.  

Some include: 

  • Quick Release Fertilizer (synthetic)
  • Slow Release Fertilizer (can be synthetic or natural)
  • Granular Fertilizer
  • Organic Fertilizer

We’ll know after talking with you and/or viewing your yard what type of fertilizer will best suit your soil, and also how much to use. Again, it is possible to harm the grass’ soil if the incorrect type or amount of treatment is used or if it is applied at the wrong time, so it is best to leave fertilization up to a professional lawn care company such as Integra Lawns.

What Time Of Year Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

When you fertilize your lawn’s soil is critical to the health and look of your grass.  Warm weather grasses, such as St. Augustine or Bermuda, are best fertilized in the early spring when they start regrowth after the colder months.  Cold weather grasses, like ryegrass, should be fertilized between late summer and mid fall.  Though most grass in the Crowely, TX area is warm weather grass, some people may plant cooler weather grasses to keep lush yards throughout the year.  Our team at Integra Lawns will determine the type of grass in your yard and when to best apply fertilization treatments. 

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If you want to keep your grass green, full, and healthy, routine fertilization treatment is a must.  You can count on Integra Lawns to apply the necessary fertilizer type for your particular lawn.  We’re passionate about providing top-notch, affordable lawn care services for the residents of the Arlington, Crowley, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.  Call us today at (817)-310-9106 to receive a free quote from one of our skilled technicians!

Weed Treatment and Lawn Care in Fort Worth, TX

In addition to fertilization treatments, we also offer weed treatments for your lawn.  There are many different species of weeds that thrive in the temperate Texas weather.  It can be incredibly challenging to eradicate the weeds in your yard and garden beds once they become too overgrown, so it is best to do routine preventative maintenance, like fertilization or specific weed treatments.  This will keep the weeds from growing and spreading.  Our crew at Integra Lawns can help prevent weeds from growing in your lawn or treating them if they’re already an issue in your yard.  We will survey your yard to see if weeds are present or what weeds would likely grow in your lawn and develop a treatment plan that best suits your particular lawn.

What Are Some Common Varieties Of Weeds In Texas?

Broadleaf Weed and Grassy Weed are the two main types of weeds that are common in the Crowley, Texas area.  The Broadleaf variety will have wide leaves and will often flower.  Grassy Weed is aptly named, because this type of weed looks very similar to the grass in your yard.  This can make it challenging to know if your lawn is being overrun by weeds or not, since you may not be able to tell the difference between a weed or your grass. 

Some species of Broadleaf Weed are:

  • Thistles
  • Dandelion
  • Clover

Some species of Grassy Weed are:

  • Goose Grass
  • Smooth Crabgrass
  • Bluegrass

How Do Weeds Affect Your Yard And Grass?

Weeds in your lawn or garden not only look untidy, but they can actually harm your grass and plants.  Nothing is more satisfying than a healthy, lush green lawn.  Having random patches of weeds can disrupt the manicured look of your yard.  Weeds can also make it uncomfortable to walk through your grass or to enjoy sitting in your yard.  

More importantly weeds can hinder the grass’ growth and development.  Weeds will drain the nutrients from the soil that should be going to the roots of your grass.  The less nutrients your grass has, the less healthy and lush your yard will look. 

Additionally, many people and pets have allergies to common types of weeds, which can cause respiratory or skin issues.  Treating weeds will help alleviate some of the seasonal allergies that both your family and/or furry friend may suffer from.  

Fertilizing your grass can help prevent some types of weeds from growing by catering the soil’s PH level to the type of grass in your lawn. 

Contact The Specialists At Integra Lawns Today For Your Weed Treatment and Fertilizing Services!

Our team can help you with weed control with routine organic fertilizer treatments, manual weed cleanup, and aeration.  There’s no reason why your lawn can’t be the prettiest one in your Crowley, Tx. neighborhood.  Call us today at (817)-310-9106 to receive your free quote!

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