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The soil in the Fort Worth area can contain a lot of clay, which can slowly compact after continuous mowing or foot traffic. It can also compact due to the heat of the summer.  The more compacted your soil becomes, the harder it is for air, water, and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass.  If this is the case, your grass will become patchy, discolored, or thin.  While fertilizing can help the overall health of your grass, it’s ideal to also aerate your lawn biannually to promote healthy grass growth year round.

What Does Lawn Aeration Entail?

The aeration process is done by creating multiple holes throughout your lawn and removing cores of your soil.  Removing cores of soil gives your soil space to disperse and loosen up allowing for more nutrients, water, and air to get the roots of your grass.  This can be done using either a standard drum style aerator or a premium reciprocating aerator.  Our team at Integra Lawns uses both types of equipment depending on your lawn. Using a reciprocating aerator can cause less potential turf damage than using a drum style aerator, however the drum style is a better fit sometimes depending on the size and shape of your yard.

What Are The Benefits of an Aerated Lawn?

Grass roots need proper airflow, water, and nutrients to produce a healthy lawn.  When we aerate your soil, it will loosen up compacted soil and allow for the roots to receive what they need in order to bet their healthiest!  This is the biggest benefit of aeration services.  Another benefit of aerating your lawn is it will reduce the amount of thatch.  Thatch is the level of both dead and living plant matter that settles amongst the base of your grass over time.  The thicker the layer of thatch is, the harder it is for your plants to receive proper sunlight, water, air, and nutrients.  A thick layer of thatch can also attract lawn pests.  Breaking up the soil will not only physically break up the layer of thatch, but it will also allow more movement of microorganisms that help break down the thatch.

When Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Yard?

The best time for aeration service in Crowley, TX and the surrounding areas is in the spring and fall. It’s best to do it when the soil is still somewhat damp so that the soil is more easily removed and loosens up.  Ideally, we would provide aeration services twice a year, however even doing it once a year can make a huge impact on your lawn’s overall health.  Aeration service is also beneficial prior to any lawn fertilization, since it preps the soil for better nutrient absorption. The same goes for before seeding your lawn.  Breaking up the soil will allow the seeds to penetrate the soil and take root. 

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