How to Get Rid of Common Lawn Pests in Fort Worth, TX

How to Get Rid of Common Lawn Pests in Fort Worth, TX

When your lawn is green, lush, and healthy, it enhances the overall look of your property. However, if pests are munching on your turf, your yard can quickly lose its appeal. If you are currently dealing with insects, diseases, or other issues that keep your lawn in a state of distress, now is time to take action. 

Pest prevention is the key to a healthy lawn. Once you have a solid understanding of the common pests you could face, along with the damages they can cause to your lawn, you can begin to identify what type of action is needed to get rid of them for good.

To help residential and commercial property owners in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas, Integra Lawns has compiled a list of the most common lawn pests that can be found in the area. They have also shared essential information on the best lawn care practices that will help keep your property safe from infestation.

Four Most Common Lawn Pests in Texas

1. Fire Ants

Fire ants live in organized colonies that can often be seen as hills. They are typically red and black, although their colors and size vary greatly depending on the species. Fire ants prefer warm climates and are known to cause problems in Texas during the springtime when temperatures start to rise. You can get rid of fire ants by limiting their access to water, sealing cracks and crevices that provide entry points into your home or business, and using bait dispensers or ant killer spray around your property.

2. Grubs

Grubs are one of the most common lawn pests in Texas, especially during the summer. They feed on lawn roots and can cause damage to your soil structure and turf that will take time and effort to repair. Damage from grubs may not be seen for some time because they stay underground while feeding. The best way to prevent grub infestation is to aerate your lawn during the spring or fall and apply lime as needed. If you already have grubs, insecticidal treatments can also help reduce their numbers.

3. Chinch Bugs

Just like grubs, chinch bugs are also one of the most common lawn pests in Texas during the summer months. They feed on your turf’s roots and stems, resulting in brown or dead patches of grass. You can get rid of chinch bugs by applying granular or turf-safe insecticides in early spring and late summer.

4. Aphids

Aphids are small insects that feed on a variety of trees and plants, including your lawn. When they gather in large numbers, they can cause serious damage to your grass. They spread by depositing their eggs on the leaves, flowers, stems, and roots of plants. You can get rid of aphids by applying insecticidal soap around your property or using a high-pressure sprayer to rinse them off your lawn.

Maintaining a Pest-Free Lawn in Fort Worth, TX

When you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can help protect your property from the most common lawn pests in Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding areas. However, if damage from any of these pests has already occurred, contact Integra Lawns today for fast and effective lawn pest control services. Their team of lawn experts is ready to help you restore the health and beauty of your landscape in no time.

Contact Integra Lawns today at +1-817-310-9106 to schedule a free initial consultation or request a no-obligation estimate. You may also visit their website at to learn more about their full range of quality and affordable lawn care and maintenance services.

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