5 Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Having a beautiful lush lawn does not happen overnight. It doesn't just take trimming, and mowing, and pruning. It takes a lot of time and proper care. Like people, grooming is not enough to keep your lawns healthy. For your grass to look green, healthy and thick, you need to consider nourishing it from within. Soil, sun, and water provide some nutrients, but fertilizer can supplement the balance of nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy, lush, and green. And here are five more reasons why you should consider fertilizing your lawns.

Lawn fertilization nourishes your soil

The quality and lushness of your lawn's grass relies on the health of your lawn's soil. With time, the soil loses its richness and provides less nutritional elements to your lawn. Fertilizers help compensate for the nutrients your grass needs that the soil is having a hard time to provide. Do nothing and it will more or less survive, but your lawn might look a little tired or patchy. On the other hand, using the right fertilizer and watering practices, will be like feeding your grass with superfood.

A fertilized lawn resists diseases better

There are 3 major nutrients that your grass needs to grow: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Nitrogen is the nutrient responsible for your lawn's green color. It also helps grass grow in thick and encourages denser shoots. Phosphorous is the nutrient that stimulates growth and encourages the establishment of healthy roots. And Potassium is the nutrient that helps strengthen cell walls, which helps grass resist disease, fungus, and wear from foot traffic. Having the right amounts of these nutrients ensure the health of your grass. To know which nutrients your soil may need, contact the lawn care experts from Integra Lawns in Crowley,TX, who have worked with all varieties of turf, can inspect your lawn and soil, and provide you with the proper fertilizer your grass needs.

Fertilizing your lawn reduces weed growth

Fertilizing your lawn ensures denser grass growth, leaving less space for weeds to invade. A thick, lush lawn with strong roots can choke out weeds by preventing them from taking a foothold in the first place. This means weed killing products will no longer be a necessity.

Properly fertilized lawns have better tolerance to heat and droughts

The nutrient potassium that strengthens the grass' cell walls and fights diseases, also makes them less susceptible during droughts or a sudden rise in temperature due to changing seasons. Properly fertilized lawns grow healthy deep root systems that allow the grass to access water and nutrients faster, making sure they get proper nutrition even during extreme heat.

Fertilization reduces persistence of harmful insects

A healthy fertilized lawn helps encourage an ecosystem of microorganisms, earthworms, praying mantises, ladybugs, and other garden-dwellers that feast on pests and unwanted insects. With a healthy dense lawn, it is also easier to detect the presence of harmful insects so you can act accordingly. Well-nourished lawns recover a lot better from insects if addressed earlier.

Let Us Help Fertilize Your Lawns.

There are so many benefits to fertilizing your lawns and to know which kind of fertilizer your lawns may need, trust the professionals. Integra Lawns can help you with weed control, routine organic fertilizer treatments, manual weed cleanup, and aeration. Let's make your lawn the prettiest one in your Fort Worth and Crowley, Tx. neighborhood. Call us today at (817) 310-9106 to receive your free quote!