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About Integra Lawns

Integra Lawns’ roots are deep and sturdy, planted back in 1987 when Jeremy Guevara started mowing lawns at a senior citizen center in Granbury, Texas. That heavenly smell of fresh cut grass fertilized his yearning for more outdoor work, leading him to work at Leonard Girl Scout Camp doing more of the same.

Though life went on, his passion for a well-manicured lawn never died. After high school he attended technical school to be an auto technician. He even opened his own auto repair shop but the scent of oil could never compare to that nostalgic scent of his early summers cutting lawns.

After six years he sold the oil pan business and dabbled in a few more businesses. Spring and summer would hit and that sweet, comforting scent of fresh cut grass would remind him of his one true love – lawns.

1987 came flooding back with a vengeance in 2005 and he could no longer ignore the ice cream man’s familiar song that came with that glorious scent of fresh cut grass. He remarried those roots and planted them firmly in Integra Lawns, never looking back.

His favorite thing about lawn care is the unforgettable people he meets and challenging landscape maintenance and design. His fantastic clients coupled with that magnificent scent of fresh cut grass reminds him he’s right at home where he belongs, back in that endless summer of ’87 when he discovered the best things in life.

Our 100% Satisfaction, No-Risk Guarantee To You
If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will come back to make it right, no excuses or the service is free
We are a local family operated business providing landscape maintenance . Our number one goal is to provide complete satisfaction from Fertilization, weed-control, mowing, Christmas Decorating, mulch, flower bed cleanup shrub trimming and more.

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